Quilts Available for Purchase

Don't want to wait until March 2024 to purchase a quilt? These beautiful quilts are available for sale, with all of the proceeds going to support local impact efforts at Saint Hilary's. These quilts are made with love by individuals from all over the United States. To purchase, email us to purchase with payment via check or credit card (with a fee). Quilts are available for local pickup, or can be shipped via USPS for a fee.

#172 Bold stars

Pieced by: Laura

Size: 48 x 66


#214 Strip quilt

Pieced by: Barbara K. in IA

Size: 60 x 75


#723 Strip quilt

Pieced by: Steve B. in FL

Size: 58 x 60


#185 Star blocks quilt

Pieced by Gina C. in NY

Size: 73 x 73


#225 3D String I Spy

Pieced by: Patricia S. in LA

Size: 48 x 57


#202 Sampler quilt

Pieced by: Arline H. in FL

Size: 46 x 59


#96 Overnite Sensation quilt

Pieced by: Ray L. in FL

Size: 44 x 63


#221 Rail Fence variation

Pieced by Jean 

Size: 56 x 70


#212 Four Patch variation

Pieced by Barbara K. in IA

Size: 51 x 51


#678 Stars

Pieced by Arlyn P in MA

Size: 56 x 85


#219 Twenty five patch I spy

Pieced by Robin P.

Size: 74 x 85